Our Picture Is Continuous Fractions

Imagine four bodies in a landscape. The landscape is a living picture – made by several smaller images.

Hear the sound of feedback produced by the bodies. The sun is nailed.

Imagine that the picture is an experimental arrangement. What has happened and what will happen is uncertain. But try to remember this. The memory is the sum of all these fragments.

Our picture is continuous fractions

«Our picture is continuous Fraction» is a scenic performance by composer Erik Dæhlin, choreographer Therese Markhus and set designer Christina Lindgren. The project is both a installation and a dance and musical work with four performers on stage: Kristina Søetorp and NING; Amund Sjølie Sveen, Rasmus Jørgensen, Tora Ferner Lange.

Supported by Norsk Kulturråd og Norsk Komponistforening. Co-produced with Ilios Festivalen and Atelier Nord, at Rom For Dans.

Documentation on VIMEO

«Our picture is continuous Fraction» is a dance and musical work, but also a tableau vivant – a dream landscape. We have based this project on a notion that life as a whole constitutes a single image that is lived through many smaller events. These events are stored in the memory as layers, but is brought forth in memory as constantly changing (and often surreal) stagings mixed with reality.

This is also the main idea behind the performance. The scenic image contains both persons and objects that form a landscape where possible things has happened, is going to happen and is happening. A exploration of this landscape evoke a continuum of layered variations that this living image can contain. A content that originates on the basis of the relative relation between memory and time and space expressed through music and movement. The sound and the bodies in the landscape give each other constant feedback, as both the picture and the present time is constructed as a experimental arrangement of past and future. The movement of the performance is the motion of the picture through slow moments and possible narratives.