Vortex Room

Vortex Room – a concert installation lasting for 45 minutes with Sunniva Rødland Wettre

in collaboration with NOTAM. Premiered 18 of April 2016.

Supported by Norsk Kulturråd, Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere and Camac Harps.

Sunniva Rødland – Harp
Erik Dæhlin – Visual and musical composition

Vortex Room is a fusion of an installation and a musical work. The composition is formed through both the performer’s play and the distribution of sound in time and space. The room is a sonic and sculptural extension of the harp as each string on the 36-stringed harp branches off into a spiral construction of 36 loudspeaker elements. The sculptural form encircles the audience and the performer.

Two main ideas lie behind Dæhlin’s work, namely the transfer of pitches from the harp’s construction to a spatial parameter, and mathematical formulas that describe how vortices and repeated patterns are formed and develop over time, both with and without influence from external forces.

Short video 

Review in norwegian

Pictures by Erik Dæhlin from performances in Utrecht – Tivoli Vredenburg may 2022