Singing, dance and theater melts together in one expression. A solo performance between contemporary opera and dance theater, where the personal meets the collective memory.

Arbeidstittel: Lilleaker Folkets Hus

Artistic explorations of the Lilleaker Folkets Hus, its surroundings and the labour movement. (2019)

Double Portrait in Rooms

For an exhibition at the Munch Museum.

What the Body Does Remember

Synthetic memories and personal memories and experiences are intertwined into a type of auto drama for the performer. The different memories gets uncovered when she constantly re-visits these stories and bodily deposits.

Hinterland Archives

For ensemble and sound. Based on the archives after Christian Leden. In collaboration with National Library of Norway.

Vortex Room

A concert installation for harp and 36 loudspeakers with Sunniva Rødland Wettre, 45 min (2016)

Den åttende dagen

Based on Draumkvedet, a Norwegian folk song about a visionary dream, as sung by Margit Bø recorded in 1936. (2015)

Den tredje, første, andre, syvende og åttende dagen

Pieces for the album Stille-stykkje, pianist Ingfrid Breie Nyhus (2015)

Pøl Pøl Løp

A collaboration between Gunnar Wærness and Erik Dæhlin. Also with Amund Sjølie Sveen, Silje Aker Johnsen, Frank Havrøy and asamisimasa. (2015)


Monoøret monolog (work-in-progress) for Frank Havrøy. Sound, set-up and visuals by Erik Dæhlin based on a text and figures by Gunnar Wærness

The Escape Goat

Two classical guitars, sound and video. For Frevo Guitar Duo. (2015)

Absence Is The Only Real

A concert installation piece about the absence of fathers. With Håkon Mørch Stene (2014)


27 nasjonalsanger som en del av Norges nasjonalsang. For korps og kor. (2014)


An archive project. Based on the sound archive in Norwegian Collection of Folk Music ; Norsk Folkemusikksamling. With Ingfrid Breie Nyhus. (2014)


A series of shorter pieces for chamber ensemble of different configurations. Portraits of different women from different times in human history. (2014)

Desiring Machines

An experimental opera based on a series of mythical female figures. (2013)

On Return To Scale

A scenic concert around space and sound. (2013)

Ear of Dionysos

One bar for John Cage

this time is different

For ensemble. (2012) Workshop version with Bit20/Borealis. The larger version includes spoken and shown text about economical issues, human nature, human conditions etc.

On Transposing Distance

For violin and sound. (2012)


Musikkteaterminiatyr for 3 utøvere (glass, gitar og fløyte), lydobjekter/lydfiler, tekst, video og figurer.

Passage Barré (version II)

for flute and electronics. (2004/2011)


Live text and sound installation. (2011)

Our Picture Is Continuous Fractions

“Our picture is continuous Fraction” is a scenic performance by composer Erik Dæhlin, choreographer Therese Markhus and set designer Christina Lindgren. (2011)

hest, fugl , folk

Et samarbeidsprosjektet mellom Gunnar Wærness og Erik Dæhlin. (2010)

Fembot Bacchanale

For percussion trio, sound and video. (2010)


For video og performer. (2010)

Double Portrait Of Erika

For choir of six voices. (2010)


For one performer, live video and sound. (2009)


For percussion solo and electronics. (2009)


For young musicians. (2009)

Singing on a Bench

For solo viola, sound and text. (2009-10)

Disparate Scenes

Piece for flute, clarinet, saxofon, voice, piano, percussion, violon, cello and electronics.

Reading The Lips Of Mr. M

for solo piano. (2009)

Saturation Is That

For ensemble and sound.


For four performers and sound


En iscenesatt konsert

Hode, Splitter, Linjen

For the On/Off performance


For violin, cello, piano and quartertone marimba and 5.1 electronics. (2007)

Do We Have Him Now?

For radio. (2007)


Installation. (2006)

We Are I Am

For voice and ensemble.

On. Always

For performer, gun shells, video and electronics.

Head On

For performer, live electronics, sound, video and light.

Mozart, Sinding, You & Me

For 13 instruments. (2006)

Mozart, You & Me

String sextet. (2008)


A revised version will come out as soon as we got a new moon…

Triptych for Radio


Waves To Be Beaten, Conquer The Horizon

For 2 percussionists and electronics. (2005)

Seul Pres Du Passage

For marimba. (1999/2005)


Micro melodrama for 2 voices and piano. (2004)

For Tora

For flute/performer and electronics. (2001)


For performer/percussion. (2000)

Traces et Instantanés

For piano. (1998)